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Welcome to Italian Citizenship Assistance Program/ICAP a Division of Bridging Worlds LLC, the first U.S. based program to offer complete services for Italian Dual Citizenship. Established in 2007, we have assisted Americans of Italian descent residing in all Consulate Jurisdictions of the US as well as US citizens residing abroad successfully prepare their Italian Citizenship Applications with ease and accuracy at affordable rates. Whether you are applying for Italian Dual Citizenship through an Italian ancestor, “jures sanguinis,” or through an Italian spouse we can help you with all aspects of your Italian Citizenship Application.


We are a privately owned company, and strive to keep updated with the Application Requirements of all of the Italian Consulates in the United States. It is important for you to be aware that all decisions regarding a person's application and the granting of Italian Citizenship are made by the Italian Consulate of the Jurisdiction in which the applicant resides.


Are You Eligible For Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent?


Based on the Italian Citizenship Law of "Jure Sanguinis" if you are an American citizen by birth whose parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent was an Italian citizen, you may be eligible for Italian citizenship with Italy by "Right of Blood" for People Born of Italian Descent in the United States. Please review the Eligibility Requisites and take advantage of the FREE questionnaire to determine your eligibility.


Spouses of Italian citizens are also eligible to apply for Italian citizenship . We provide consultation and complete application assistance services for spouses of Italian Citizens as well.


We Offer Everything You Need for Your Italian Dual Citizenship Application!

  • Complete search of US Naturalization Records at USCIS-Homeland Security, the National Archives and Record Administration, and State and County Archives to obtain the Naturalization Record of your Ancestor, or Certification of Nonexistence of Naturalization Records. We have established collaborative working relationships with USCIS, NARA and State/County Archives.
  • Italian Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates of your Italian Ancestor obtained for your citizenship application, or proof of registration of your birth/marriage records in Italy if you are a newly recognized Italian Citizen who needs these documents in order to obtain your EU Passport or Italian Citizenship for your spouse to apply for Italian Citizenship. We have satellite offices in Italy with staff who file the Vital Record requests with the Registrars of Civil Records Offices in all parts of Italy.
  • Genealogy Research to help you locate birth, marriage, or death records in Italy and the US when you are missing information needed to order the actual document. We can provide you with a research plan to help find the information that you need to obtain the Vital Records of your Ancestors.
  • Translate all Required Documents for the Italian Consulates throughout the United States. Our translations are done by graduates of Italian Universities and have been accepted in all Italian Consulate Jurisdictions in the US, as well as in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Singapore and the UK.
  • Procure US Civil Records from all 50 States in proper format for authentication with Apostille. We obtain Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce and Certificates of No-Appeal to Divorce. Our service includes communication with the Vital Records/Court Records Offices, application compilation, filing fees, certified shipping and handling of records, and follow-up calls to the Records Offices as needed.
  • Apostille for US Birth, Marriage, Death and Divorce Certificates. We make sure that you receive the documents authenticated with the Apostille Seal for the Country of Italy. Our service includes review of your documents, Secretary/Department of State request letter, fee for the Apostille Seal, follow-up calls to the Secretary/Department of State Offices as needed, certified shipping and handling of your documents.
  • Notarile (legalization) of Translations of documents issued outside of the USA or Italy which must to be notarized by the Italian Consulate/Embassy of the Country where the document was issued.
  • Application Assistance is available to help you organize your application according to the Guidelines of the Italian Consulate. We keep current with the Guidelines of all of our Italian Consulates in the U.S. through direct communication with the Citizenship Departments.
  • Telephone Consultation with an expert to answer all of your questions regarding Italian Dual Citizenship by Descent including a search of online data bases for preliminary information regarding your ancestor's U.S. naturalization status. For a fee of $80.00 you will receive a 30 minute consultation with an expert.


Contact us today with your questions, or call us TOLL FREE 1-888-604-1970 to schedule a paid telephone consultation with our expert in Italian Dual Citizenship and receive a 5% discount on your initial order.


We Accept Personal Checks/Money Orders, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover & Amex credit card payments processed through Moneris Solutions, a Registered Agent of BMO Harris Bank.


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